Fine artist Penelope Casey at work
Penelope Casey at work

Penelope Casey

Penelope Casey is a Papua New Guinea (PNG) born artist who has made Fiji home for the last twenty years. Drawing on her childhood influences from the vibrancy of the culturally diverse Pacific islands, she has established herself as an award-winning artist with an internationally recognized portfolio spanning two decades.

Penelope Casey was born in Goroka in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG)and grew up as an only child on plantations in very remote districts around PNG. She experienced a unique childhood where she was nurtured by the vibrant natural environment that surrounded her and her extended family comprised of the many personalities working and living on the plantations.

Penelope's earliest memory of drawing is --as a five-year-old-- bringing to life colouring books that her family purchased on occasional visits to town. She would spend days animating the pages, meticulously colouring them in and adding shading to create depth. This naturally progressed to the creation of her own original drawings. Furthermore, Penelope displayed an early interest in fine arts that instilled a love of portraiture that is brought to life in her many paintings of tribal Papua New Guinea Highland warriors.

Upon moving to Fiji in her early twenties, Penelope was greatly influenced by the tranquil, simple lifestyle and the peaceful temperament of Fijian islanders. Her portfolio of work catalogues a life inspired by the richly diverse offerings of the Pacific islands and show great insight into village life, expressing knowledge and respect for traditions, customs and Fijian art.

Penelope's artwork has been widely exhibited with collections showcased in Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the UK, USA, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as accepting a fellowship from the Royal Society of Arts. Her paintings are well travelled and have been 're-homed' across the globe from the remote islands of Fiji, to far away countries such as Latvia.

As an artist, Penelope is at the forefront of emerging pacific themes and is continually learning new skills and techniques. She believes that art develops as a progression; an evolution similar to the journey of life. Art is autobiographical, which means aspects that have visually influenced Penelope's life; the faces and landscapes that surrounded her during her lifetime have shaped her vision and expertise as an artist and creator.


2011 The Gallery, Denarau Island, Fiji
2011 The Gallery, Denarau Island, Fiji
2010 Commonwealth Art Exhibition, Suva Fiji
2009 Guava Art Exhibition, Fiji
2008 Paul Lewis Art Gallery Qld Aust.
2007 Port Denarau, Nadi Fiji
2007 Allegria Aqua Vita Art Aust.
2007 Paul Lewis Art Gallery, QLD Aust.
2005 Paul Lewis Art Gallery, QLD Aust.
2004 WAC Exhibition, Denarau Nadi Fiji
2004 The William Dobell Art Exhibition NSW Aust.
2002 Westin Arts Exhibition, Nadi Fiji
1995 Impressions of PNG, Brisbane School of Arts, QLD Aust
1992 Dau Droini Prominent Women Artists of Fiji
1989 Brookfield Art Exhibition, Brisbane, QLD Aust
1988 Brookfield Art Exhibition, Brisbane, QLD Aust
1988 Madang Artists, Madang, PNG


  1. Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, (London)
  2. Royal Commonwealth Society - Fiji Artist of the Year
  3. Tabua Advertising Awards Fiji | Myola Villas Fiji
  4. Advertising Award Winning
  5. Tabua Advertising Awards Fiji | Myola Villas Fiji
  6. Advertising Award Winning
  7. Red Cross Fashion Show | Garments |1st place
  8. Ethnic Portraiture Awards, Fiji | 1st place
  9. Brookfield Art Exhibition, Australia | 1st place
  10. Brookfield Art Exhibition, Australia | Highly Commended
  11. Clayfield College Art Exhibition, Australia | 1st place